Are we addicted to coffee?

We take to the streets of the capital to get peoples' views on their daily caffeine fix

Department of Coffee and Social Affairs

A glance down any busy street or on the commuter tube would suggest that London is a city of coffee addicts.

Around 70 million cups of coffee are consumed in the UK daily which would explain why recycling bins across the capital are filled to the brim with discarded cups.

Some would say coffee is the answer to the tiresome hectic London life others would argue that is a social occasion to go and ‘grab a coffee’.

One aspect about coffee is certain though, and that is the addictiveness of the psychoactive stimulant, caffeine.

Caffeine targets the central nervous system by blocking the adenosine receptor, preventing the onset of drowsiness which causes effects of alertness and increased reaction time.

I took to the streets to interview people and find out what their reason for drinking coffee is.

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