Genesis Art Exhibition

7th December 2018 Kiera Carmody 0

British artist Adelaide Damoah, member of the Black British Female Artist Collective, presents her art exhibition ‘Genesis’ at the Bloomsbury Festival 2018. Through her art show she conveys ideologies of sex, gender and race and […]


Are we addicted to coffee?

3rd December 2018 Kiera Carmody 0

A glance down any busy street or on the commuter tube would suggest that London is a city of coffee addicts. Around 70 million cups of coffee are consumed in the UK daily which would […]

Arts and Reviews

Review: Dakota Hotel, Edinburgh

15th November 2018 Kiera Carmody 0

Ten minutes from Edinburgh Airport and a short walk from one of Scotland’s most iconic pieces of architecture, the stunning steel cantilever rail bridge over the Forth and its two younger siblings, is a big […]