Jeremy Corbyn is ‘clearly not a winner’, says Lib Dem leader Tim Farron

Tim Farron at Ministry of Sound rally: Labour "worst opposition in human history". Photo: Sara Kamouni

By Sara Kamouni
Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron today blasted Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour as ‘the worst opposition in human history’.

Speaking at rally at the Ministry of Sound nightclub in South London on Sunday, Mr Farron told his supporters Mr Corbyn is ‘clearly not a winner’ – adding the country needs a ‘strong and decent’ opposition.

When asked about potential Lib Dem supporters tactically voting Labour to keep the Tories out, he said the Labour Party’s collapse means people have the “absolute liberty” to vote Lib Dem on June 8.

He told PA Diploma News: “It’s a duty for the Liberal Democrats and an opportunity for the British people to change the direction of our country.

“This is a moment where people are utterly free to vote Liberal Democrat and make the biggest impact it has ever done – holding our government to account, giving the British people the real genuine hope that things could actually end differently.”

“The fundamental job of an opposition is to be an alternative government, [Labour] are not even trying to be that.”

Mr Farron refused to give his prediction on the Lib Dems’ success in the snap election – but insisted that it must not be the ‘coronation’ he believes Theresa May is expecting.

He said: “The honest truth is, I haven’t got a fixed figure in my head and I think that in itself tells you horizons are expanding.

“We weren’t expecting an election this time last week but we are possibly the only opposition party that’s relishing this.”

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