London celebrates Earth Day with a March For Science

Lining up for London's part in the global March for Science. Photo: Nabihah Parkar

By Nabihah Parkar
Thousands of people participated in the March For Science through the city of London today to stand up for the importance of science and looking after the environment.

The march took place on international Earth Day amidst recent disregard from international politicians towards climate change and the uncertainty of Brexit towards research and policies.

Activists, journalists, celebrities and scientists gathered outside the Science Museum in Kensington and made their way to Parliament Square where a minute’s silence was held for the one-month anniversary of the Westminster attack.

Story Sylwester, March For Science London organiser, said: “London has been a bedrock of scientific inquiry. The London March For Science is an opportunity for scientists and science enthusiasts to come together and defend the scientific integrity, inquiry and curiosity they love.”

Dr Alfredo Carpineti, chairman of Pride In Stem, an organisation that coordinates LGBT scientists and engineers across the country, said: “I came out to march today for science because it needs to be celebrated and we need to highlight the diversity within this field.”

Over 400 science marches took place around the world, including in the US, Brazil, India and Australia. The marches saw people of all ages coming out to raise awareness of the large role science plays in our lives and why this should not be forgotten in the political sphere.

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